Friday, February 10, 2012

Returning from Break - and Breakthrough

I took a break from my blog for a little while to focus more on writing. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to meet some people from Under the Moon publications and with that began a whirlwind ride of signing contracts and editing my debut novel, Reaper Legacy: Hunt for the Lost Raven and an extended edition of my novella, Blackout.

Set in the colorful world of Andronia where technology is magic and landmasses float in the sky as well as on the water, one girl must fulfill her father’s dying wish and protect a family heirloom from those who seek its secrets.
Lilianna Raven, daughter of the late Lord Kelwin Raven, lives her mundane life dreaming of the day she can sail away on one of the elegant skyships that stop periodically to trade with her remote isle. Before she gets the chance, however, her isle is attacked by Reapers–a bloodthirsty nomadic people known for taking what they want and killing anyone who stands in their way. Her flight from the Reapers takes her across Andronia via an ancient system of gateways believed to have been destroyed in the last Shadow Age.

Hunting Lili is the relentless Captain Kyralynn Ranise, daughter of the Reaper Dragon Lord. But she’s not alone. Kyralynn will do anything to win this race, especially if that means killing her fiercest rival and eldest brother: Captain Josen.

Reaper Legacy: Hunt for the Lost Raven is scheduled to be released in October 2014 by Under the Moon publications.  For more information, check out my website for Katherine Wynter (my pseudonym).